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                                1. shougonger.com
                                2. about us

                                about us

                                3d和值谜Who we are, what we do, how & why.

                                shougonger.com is a Canadian retailer of roller skates, protective gear, and accessories.

                                shougonger.com was founded by Lisa Suggitt (aka RollerGirl) in March 2003.

                                Lisa has been an avid roller skater since the age of 5. She loves to take her roller skates to the skatepark, for a fast skate around the Seawall, or just play around some smooth concrete with friends and good tunes. She played roller derby for 10 years, coached the early days of the and started . Lisa is a roller skate fanatic and loves to share her passion with the world.

                                3d和值谜On July 22nd 2007, after 4 years of operating online exclusively, we opened a brick and mortar retail store in Vancouver, British Columbia. We quickly outgrew the space and, on April 1st 2011, moved our business to a bigger location on Vancouver's trendy Main street.

                                Our Mission

                                3d和值谜It is our mission at RollerGirl to help cultivate a strong new roller skate culture. This involves making roller skates and roller skate parts accessible to everyone, providing information and support to roller skaters, and supporting roller skating organizations across the country and abroad when possible.

                                RollerGirl is dedicated to growing as a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible business. This sustainable business model is the base of all our business decisions and is reflected in the way we treat our customers, employees and the environment.

                                Our Products

                                We strive to bring you a selection of quality roller skating products that we feel are well made by good manufacturers. We stand behind what we sell and often double the manufacturer’s warranties. In case of problem, we lobby manufacturers for you to ensure that they stand behind their products as well.

                                At shougonger.com you can expect comprehensive, reliable answers on everything from how a pair of skates will fit to how fast a specific wheel is, to which laces will match your mouth-guard. Our expert staff is renown for providing excellent and friendly customer service. We believe that an informed skater is a happy skater. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you find exactly the right product for your needs.

                                Our Guarantee

                                3d和值谜Our customer's happiness is our main concern. We have extensive procedures in place to ensure that your roller skates and gear will fit perfectly the first time, but if an item needs to be exchanged for a different size or model we have the best return policies in the industry.

                                Read about our return and exchange policies.

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