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                              1. COVID-19 Updates & Delays

                                1. shougonger.com
                                2. info
                                3. roller derby pre-game checklist

                                pre-game checklist

                                be ready for the game! Here's a list of things you should check before game-day to make sure your equipment is as ready to roll as you are.

                                What parts of my skates should I check before a derby game?

                                Before every game, tournament or bootcamp it is very important that you take the time to thoroughly check over your gear. This can help prevent catastrophic gear failure resulting in injury or the inability to continue playing and to ensure that your gear is performing optimally.

                                normal adjustments

                                1) Trucks
                                - tightness

                                2) Stoppers
                                - replace or rotate if necessary
                                - make sure they are installed correctly
                                - tighten them down tight

                                3) Wheels & Bearings
                                - make sure they are both in good condition
                                - rolling smoothly
                                - examine wheel core for any hairline cracks
                                - make sure that your wheel nuts are not worn out. Try loosening the wheel nuts by hand. If you can make them move at all without a wrench, they are dead and need to be replaced!

                                3d和值谜A lot of the in-game equipment failures we see are stoppers falling off. This often is the result of improper installation and can easily be prevented. Take a look at this video about proper stopper installation:

                                things you might not think about

                                1. Mounting Bolts
                                - Are they all there?Are they tight?

                                2. Cracks in trucks, plates.
                                - Examine your plates & trucks carefully. You are looking for any signs of damage especially faint hairline cracks.

                                3. Pivot Cups
                                - Verify that they are there. Are they cracked? Are they broken? If so replace.

                                4. Kingpins
                                - Please watch this important video about kingpin maintenance on metal plates:

                                what should I bring to my derby game?

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