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                                      1. COVID-19

                                        Roller skating is a great way to get exercise, feel good, and have a little bit of normalcy in your life while maintaining your social distances. We are working hard to keep providing you with all you need to keep rolling, while ensuring your safety and the safety and well being of our staff.

                                        3d和值谜Here is what we are doing:

                                        • We have closed our Vancouver BC retail store. Instead, we are offering no-contact store pickup.
                                        • We are working with a bare bones staff of three healthy people (Zoe, Nic and Lisa) who chose to keep working, and who have essentially been in isolation together. Even so, each staff is isolated in their own location or on their own floor whenever possible, or physicly distancing in our huge 3800sqft facility.
                                        • Shipping and receiving is done in a sanitized environment and the shippers wear gloves.
                                        • Stock reception and courier pick-up is done via a no-contact procedure.
                                        • The common surfaces of the facility (and door handles, phones, tools etc) are sanitized daily.

                                        Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

                                        Thank you for your continued support.


                                        Bionic SWISS Bearings

                                        Bionic SWISS Bearings

                                        3d和值谜Bionic SWISS features deeper grooves, double honed races for smoother, faster and longer lasting bearings and cages made of…

                                        $80.00 CAD
                                        Bones REDS Bearings - 7mm

                                        Bones REDS Bearings - 7mm

                                        Recommended for: Excellent bearing for the money; extremely good value. One of our very favourite bearings of all time. Fast, smooth…

                                        $49.00 CAD
                                        Bones REDS Bearings - 8mm

                                        Bones REDS Bearings - 8mm

                                        Recommended for: Excellent bearing for the money; extremely good value. One of our very favourite bearings of all time. Fast, smooth…

                                        $49.00 CAD
                                        Bones SWISS Bearings

                                        Bones SWISS Bearings

                                        When only the best will do - Bones Swiss Competition bearings are extremely long-lasting with excellent roll out.Recommended…

                                        $167.00 CAD
                                        Bont 167 7mm Bearings

                                        Bont 167 7mm Bearings

                                        Bont Mini bearings are lightweight, smooth, and small.Recommended for: Skaters looking for 7mm bearings for their Bont Mini hub…

                                        $79.00 CAD
                                        Bont 688 Mini Bearing

                                        Bont 688 Mini Bearing

                                        Bont 8mm Mini bearings are lightweight, smooth, and small.Recommended for: Skaters with wheels that require Micro bearings - such…

                                        $69.00 CAD
                                        Mini Logos Bearings

                                        Mini Logos Bearings

                                        3d和值谜Our most economical bearing - but by no means "entry-level". These are excellent all-purpose bearings, and our standard bearing…

                                        $28.00 CAD
                                        Moto Deluxe Bearings

                                        Moto Deluxe Bearings

                                        Recommended for: Plates that take 8mm bearings Skaters looking for affordable, quality bearings Skaters that like purple
                                        3d和值谜 Not usually recommended for: Plates that…

                                        $45.00 CAD
                                        Moto Swiss Bearings

                                        Moto Swiss Bearings

                                        Recommended for: Plates that take 8mm bearings Skaters looking for a high rated bearing at an affordable price
                                        3d和值谜 Not usually recommended…

                                        $90.00 CAD
                                        Qube 8 Ball Bearings

                                        Qube 8 Ball Bearings

                                        Excellent roll-out, and they are extraordinarily smooth. A ++ for performance; a healthy step up from China REDS.…

                                        $50.00 CAD
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                                        Surprise Sock Subscription
                                        Surprise Sock Subscription
                                        $24.00 CAD
                                        $19.00 CAD

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